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Liaisons can play a key role in educating lawyers on the medical details and implications of a case. By walking lawyers through a patient's injuries, treatment plan, and prognosis, they provide attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of the medical facts. They can explain in plain language the diagnosis, severity of injuries, procedures, medication needs and potential long-term effects. 

Liaisons help interpret complex medical terminology and reports so lawyers fully grasp the health consequences and challenges facing their clients. They can offer perspective on causation linking an accident to injuries sustained. They provide insight into reasonable medical costs and future expenses arising from ongoing health issues. Liaisons aim to impart full medical knowledge of a case so lawyers can incorporate these details into their legal strategy and arguments. Their medical guidance helps build a robust, well-informed case with evidence needed to achieve the best outcome for the plaintiff.

Our liaison service is priced significantly lower than expert witnesses' hourly fees.  By answering questions about the medical aspects of an opinion, our liaisons provide a more cost-effective approach to communication.

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