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Doctoring the Doctors

I came across the following article and found it interesting:

Appellate Court Justice Robert Steigmann was formally reprimanded for using his position to market himself to speak to medical societies and hospitals on the topic of medical malpractice. While perhaps the use of judicial letterhead may not have been a spectacular decision, it prompted some interesting thoughts.

As a former clinician reflecting upon my own education, I must admit to a lack of coverage of the topic of medical malpractice and how to avoid it. I can summarize in less than 30 seconds what I was taught: essentially, communicate well and apologize when you're wrong. Certainly this is a good start, but it lacks the depth required of this fairly important topic. I am happy to hear that greater coverage is being offered.

For the lawyers in the audience, do you tend to find your physicians to be undereducated on the topic of medical malpractice? Doctors, do you feel well-briefed on this topic? When do you feel would be the ideal time in training to learn about this?

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